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Retail. The reasons your clients want to be sold to.

Retail. The reasons your clients want to be sold to.

What do you think when you hear the word "sell", does it fill you with dread? Do you see a sleazy sales person pestering you for an order? Do you feel embarrassed to sell?

When we break selling down it is only identifying a need and fulfilling it, and when you're trusted your expertise can add real value to the clients experience.

Be confident and use your burgeoning beauty knowledge to suggest a take home product that will not only keep them loving that salon feel, but it will also add £££'s to your top line.

Here are 5 points at which you can effectively upsell to your client.

Window Display

​The biggest high street stores don't plough thousands of pounds each season into merchandising their windows just so they look pretty.  They know that this is the first impression the consumer will have of the store and is the point at which they will hook prospective customers in.  Make sure that you create strong visuals in your window and keep with the seasons. Christmas is just around the corner, why not make this years a visual feast.


​Each time a customer comes to the salon all your focus should be on them and what they want, and this means asking good strong questions that give you the answers you need to give them the best possible service.  Take note of what they are saying here.  Has your client mentioned that they have dry brittle hair? Do they have limp, lifeless hair? These questions are key indicators for what the customer is already asking you for.

Back Wash

​This is the perfect time to educate your client into a perfect hair care routine.  Explain to the salon what you are doing and what you are using.  Part of the reason clients are leaving your salon so happy is because of the salon feeling their hair has.  Talk though how the product works, what brand it is, how it has help the client and so on. Product knowledge is key to getting this right so invest some time into learning the products.

Finishing off

Just like the back wash, the final stages of the customers salon journey is key for educating.  You as the stylist will now bring out those all important finishing products. Train your customer how to use them and explain what the benefits are.  Make you customer understand the importance of high quality products.


The final physical touch point of your clients journey. The reception area is a really key place to make the final sale and ensure your client has received a full and professional service. Here you can suggest the correct product and make the sale. 

Remember all you are doing is identifying a need and filling it.  You are selling them a product that will work in their best interest.

Here's a scenario for you.

Lets say there are two stylists and you each sell one product per day at £15 per product.  Thats not a lot of money, but times that by the amount of working days in a year and you've added £7800 in a year to your turn over.


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