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Hair Accessories

View our full range of hairdressing accessories, including clips, pins & grips, hair padding & bunrolls, watersprays, rollers and hair elastics. Everything you need to make your kitbag complete!

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Comby  Rainhood
After a client has had hair or cosmetic work done, the last thing they need is for it to be ruined i..
Crewe Orlando  Clio Unisex Satin Effect Salon Gown
Crewe Clio Unisex Satin Effect Salon Gown. Anti-static and anti-cling gown. Machine washable and tum..
Crewe Orlando  Tiger Print Shoulder Cape
Crewe Orlando Poyester Square Mini Leopard Print, two great colours of leopard print, white leopard ..
Disposable Aprons x 100
Packs of 100 semi-transparent disposable aprons. One size fits all. ..
Flairosol Fine Mist Spray Bottle
Flairosol Black And White Fine Mist Water  Hair Dressers Salon Barbers Spray Bottle Mi..
Hair Tools Hair Trap
The Hair Tools Hair Trap is designed to keep plugholes free from hair. It's flexible to fit all ..
Hair Tools peroxide measure, small 100ml/3.4fl.oz
Hair Tools peroxide measure, small 100ml/3.4fl.oz. Standard measure, without handle, holds up to&..
Hair Tools Peroxide Multi Measure Jug
This multi measure jug ensures you measure the correct amount of developer every time with an easy t..
Hair Tools Special Water Spray  250ml
Hair Tools Special Water Spray  250ml Clear grey plastic bottle. For use in hairdressing sal..
Hair Tools Updo Pad with clips
UPDO Rolls and Pads assist in the creation of the currently very popular vintage Hollywood glamour l..
Hair Tools Water Sprays
The Hair Tools water spray bottles are made from tough aluminium that'll stand up to the knock..
Hair Tools/Head Jog Butterfly Clamps (x12)
Head Jog Butterfly Clamps from Hair Tools come in large sizes and have a strong spring to ensure dur..
Haito Rubber Cutting Collar
Haito Rubber cutting collar Extremely comfortable and great value, available in black. ..
Head-Gear Disposable Capes
Disposable capes in packs of 100 that offer good protection for your clients' clothing from wate..
Head-Gear Polythene Head Caps
These value for money polythene hats are an absolute salon essential. ..
Headgear Disposable Poly Gloves x 100
Headgear Essentials offer disposable polythene gloves for use in professional salons. Keep your busi..
Headgear End Papers
Headgear End Papers - wet strength are ideal for use with all professional perms. ..
Headgear Timer
Cone-shaped, black salon timer for all your tinting, perming and treatment services. Can be ..
Headjog III Main Tamer
Head Jog Mane Tamer Detangling Brush is an ergonomically designed professional detangling brush. ..
Magnetic PVC Cutting Collar Black
High quality Magnetic PVC Cutting Collar in black. Adjustable to fit all. ..
Perm Rods / Solid (12) Black
This Black Solid Perm Rod  comes in a pack of 12 and is 19.2mm x 80mm in size. Also available i..
Perm Rods / Solid (12) Blue
This Blue Solid Perm Rod  comes in a pack of 12 and is 13mm x 80mm in size. Also available in o..
Perm Rods / Solid (12) Green
This Green Solid Perm Rod  comes in a pack of 12 and is 8.5mm x 80mm in size. Also available in..
Perm Rods / Solid (12) Grey
This Grey Solid Perm Rod from Hairtools comes in a pack of 12 and is 16.5mm x 80mm in size. Also ava..
Perm Rods / Solid (12) Orange-Red
This Orange and Red Solid Perm Rod comes in a pack of 12 and is 12mm x 80mm in size. Also available ..
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