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Salon Master hot water system

Salon Master hot water system

The Salon Master Hot Water System is the ultimate hot water system for today's professional hairdresser.

The highly successful Salon Master range will provide your salon with a constant, unlimited supply of hot and cold water to all mixer taps, including staffroom, dispensary 
basins and Beauty facilities if required, whilst at the same time totally eliminating ALL temperature and pressure fluctuations at the wash points ensuring that the water pressure and temperature remain the same no matter how many wash points are in operation.

The Salon Master hot water system is a commercial unit specifically designed and manufactured by us in the UK for professional salon use and one of the main reasons for the Salon Master's success is the use of our unique "Special Design" Low Density Titanium Immersion heaters that heat the water ONLY as you need it to ensure the best efficiency possible and the salon owner complete peace of mind that you'll never run out of hot water ever again.

It’s exactly what salon owners have been waiting for!

There are Five superb models in our highly successful range to choose from depending on the number of basins, volume of clients and the amount of colour or technical work you do.

To deal with the vast increase of technical work now undertaken in today’s busy salon, Each Salon Master model with the exception of the Classic model come supplied as standard with THREE “Special Design” commercial grade heating elements that have a far larger surface area in contact with the water to enable larger volumes of water to be heated instantly and more efficiently than ever before, ensuring you have all the hot water you need at the lowest possible cost, this in addition to the superb “Superboost” facility guarantee’s complete peace of mind from day one that you’ll never be left without hot water for your business.

Our units are manufactured to British standard BS7206 using AAA commercial grade corrosion resistant stainless steel and the latest in Laser welding technology providing the user with complete peace of mind that the salon master unit is built to withstand heavy duty salon use for years to come and has a guarantee of 25 years! Take a look at our DVD shown on this website " The making of a Salon Master hot water system"

If you intend to do or are doing a high volume of colour or technical work, then you’ll be extremely impressed with our highly acclaimed “Superboost” facility, designed with the colour specialist in mind to provide an additional 30% hot water availability at the flick of a switch for when you need even more hot water to cope with those really busy times such as Christmas and bank holiday periods. The extra "Superboost" facility will also perform as a reserve heating element, should it ever be required.

Salon Master – The name that guarantees Quality and high Performance with complete peace of mind from day one.

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Size:  755mm (High) X 540mm (Diam) / 2ft 6ins x 1ft 10ins 1 - 2 Backwash basins&nbs..
Salon Master Ready Heat PERFORMER: 3-4 backwash
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Salon Master Ready Heat CUSTOM model: 4 - 5 backwash
Size:  1255mm (High) X 540mm (Diam)  / 4ft 2in x 1ft 10in 4 - 5 backwash  ( Wi..
Salon Master Ready Heat ARTIST: 5 - 6 backwash
  Size: 1455mm (High) X 540mm (diam)   /  4ft 9in x 1ft 10ins 4 - 5 ba..
Salon Master Ready Heat PowerHouse 6-7 backwash
  Size: 1755mm (High) X 540mm (Diam)   /   5ft 9ins x 1ft 10ins 6..
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